We are specialized dealers in the supply of KTR products, leading company of high quality power transmission technologies, braking systems, cooling systems and hydraulic components for mechanical engineering and plant engineering.


Elastic jaw and pin & bush couplings, Gear couplings, Backlash-free servo couplings, Steel lamina couplings, Flange couplings, Magnetic couplings, Fluid couplings.

Clamping sets and Precision Joints

External clamping sets, Internal clamping sets, Rigid shaft couplings, Clamping nuts, Precision joints.

Brake systems

Active fixed caliper brakes, Active floating caliper brakes, Passive floating caliper brakes, Thruster Brakes, Yaw brakes, Rotor Lock, Control system, Clamping systems, Hydraulic brake systems.

Hydraulic components

Bellhousings (Aluminium), Bellhousings (cast iron), Bellhousing PSG for servo-hydraulic, Damping ring D, Damping rings DT/DTV, Damping rods, Elastic flanges, Foot flanges PTFL, Foot flanges PTFS, Mounting foot flanges ZO and gaskets.

Tanks and Accessoires

Aluminium tanks, Steel tanks, Oil sumps, Cleaning covers, Oil level indicators, Temperature sensors, Level and temperature switch.

Cooling systems

Cooling systems, High-performance cooler made of aluminium and plate and bar design, if requested, available with KTL coating for extreme application conditions (corrosion protection).

Torque limiter

RUFLEX® Standard, RUFLEX® con pignone. RUFLEX® max., RUFLEX® con ROTEX®, RUFLEX® con BoWex®.

Torque measuring shafts

DATAFLEX® 16, DATAFLEX® 32, DATAFLEX® 42, DATAFLEX® 70, DATAFLEX 110, DATAFLEX® 140, Kit di connessione.