We are retailers specializing in the supply of Stauff products, a leading company in hydraulic components for mechanical engineering and for the maintenance of industrial, naval, offshore and earth moving plants.
The overall range currently includes around 40,000 standard products in ten categories as well as numerous special solutions.


For simple and safe installation of pipes, hoses, cables and other flexible and rigid components with external diameters up to 1016 mm / 40.00 inches.


Reliable and leak-free connection fittings for pipes with an outside diameter between 4 mm and 42 mm / between 0.16 inch and 1.65 inch. Up to 500 bar / 7250 PSI in the Light series and up to 800 bar / 11600 PSI in the Heavy series.


The standard pressure series (3000 PSI) contains flanged components with maximum operating pressures between 35 bar and 350 bar or 508 PSI and 5075 PSI and is available for a variety of nominal sizes between DN 13 (1/2 “) and DN 127 ( 5 “). The 6,000 PSI high pressure series is suitable for operating pressures up to 400 bar or 6090 PSI and covers nominal dimensions between DN 13 (1/2 “) and DN 76 (3”).


Two-way ball valves, a three-way design and size in stainless steel.
Flow control valves for in-line mounting, manifold mounting and cartridge mounting, as well as shut-off valves for the single and multi-station indicator.


Test joints for simple and safe connection of continuous monitoring of system pressure and other factors.


Pressure gauges to be used both as fixed and portable devices, with different measuring ranges.

STAUFF filtration technology

The STAUFF replacement program includes over 10,000 codes including a range of products in the filtration and purification fields of oils and other fluids, covering almost all international brands of filter elements.

Hydraulic accessories

Level switches, Plugs, Blowers, level temperature switches, mobile filtration systems.