Hydraulic Pipes and Fittings

We are specialized sellers in the supply of hydraulic pipes, fittings and accessories for all industrial, naval, offshore and earth moving applications.
Our catalog includes a wide range of oleodynamic products including flexible hoses in rubber, thermoplastics and stainless steel for the passage of solid, liquid, gas and even corrosive chemical substances. We also have a wide range of press fittings, accessories and adapters for every need.

High pressure pipes

Wide range of high pressure hoses in black synthetic rubber, reinforced with high load, resistant to oils, abrasions, atmospheric conditions, ideal for all applications.

  • Textile braided tubes impregnated with synthetic rubber solution.
  • Low pressure rubber hoses.
  • Pipes in P.T.F.E. in AISI 304 stainless steel suitable for the passage of chemicals, fuels, steam and natural gas.
  • Rubber hoses for suction and discharge.
  • Operating temperature: from – 40° C / + 250° C

Press fittings, niples and adapters

Wide range of standard press fittings, interlock, bushings, niples and adapters.

Quick Couplings

Ideal for all hydraulic applications: Plugs type P and type TV, flat face, screw, ball, faster type NV.


Ideal for use as both fixed and portable devices, with different measuring ranges, built with a stainless steel case and with a 99.7% glycerine filling liquid, accuracy class 0.1. They are particularly suitable in heavy operating conditions where there are vibrations or pulsations.

Hydraulic accessories

Copper washers, bonded seal washers, fixed pipe collars, microtubes, swivel joints, flow diverters.