We are specialized dealers in the marketing of KLEENOIL products, microfiltration systems for oil maintenance in by-pass. With KLEENOIL, most of the harmful contaminations with an abrasive or catalytic effect, including water, are eliminated through filtration up to 1 micron. In this way the oils can permanently maintain the maximum possible cleaning, guarantee the optimal functionality of the machine and offer the best protection against wear. For monitoring and safeguarding, we offer equipment for oil analysis and the specially developed ICLE KLEENOIL sensor technology. We pursue the objective of machines without oil change and for this we provide a complete concept called Integrated Fluid Concept.

Filter elements

Filter elements for filtration of water based lubricants. Filtration capacity: from 500 g solid particles and/or 230 ml water up to 2.000 g solid particles and/or 300 ml water
Filter fineness from 1 μm nom. to 10 μm nom.

By-pass Filters

Steel construction, painted, microfiltration units for oil quantities up to 3.000 liters. Input pressure between 5 and 350 bar. Return without pressure – directly into the oil tank.
Availables with pressure gauge

Offline mobile filtration systems for industry

Mobile oil filtration systems, steel construction, powder coated for oil quantities from 400 liters up to 25.000 liters.
Self-priming gear pump. Pre-filter unit with washable filter insert. Overpressure protection. Pressure gauge. IP rating: IP 55. Transfer function – movement of the oil without filtration. 6 m suction and return hose with quick release couplings.

Analysis Equipment

Oil test and analysis equipment which enables a fast supervision of the oil condition by measuring the grade of dielectric variation. Ideal for a quick analysis to determine whether the employed oil can still be used, should be changed or analysed in a laboratory.