Toro srl operates as a supplier of the major oil & gas companies, offering solutions with low environmental impact. We are specialized in the research and supply of original and equivalent spare parts for all machines and equipment for oil and gas extraction.

Hydraulic System AOPS, MOPS and CT for marine winch actuation


Designed for general cargo handling, service, and offshore applications, onboard various vessel types and offshore units. Tailor made to your requested specifications.

Hydraulic system

  • Winch Motor Power – AOPS
  • Function AOPS/MOPS/CT
  • Release brake gear
  • Manifold
  • Accumulator frame DNV certified

Hydraulic oil: Panolin HLP Synth 46

  • Capacity: 550 Lt
  • Saturated synthetic ester base
  • High quality additive package
  • Pour point -60°C
  • Excellent oxidation / ageing stability
  • Four to five times longer in-service life compared to mineral oil based hydraulic oils
  • Environmental compatibility – when ecology meets economy
  • High biodegradability and low toxicity
  • Well-known Eco-Labels and awards