We are able to give you support for the supply of spare parts and revamping of product formerly branded as Lohmann + Stolterfoht:
Gear boxes, Spiroflex, Pneumaflex, clutches and couplings for all types of drives. (Marine propulsion gears, dredge/jet pump drives, setup gears for power take-off, etc.) suitable for most types of marine ships, cruise ships, cargo ships, tankers, barges, offshore support vessels and warships, as well as for industrial use.

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Spiroflex KS/KJ

Highly elastic shaft couplings for torque of up to 928 kNm. The highly torsionally elastic SPIROFLEX shaft coupling compensates radial, axial and angular alignment deviations, by virtue of its elastic rubber elements. Its high torsional elasticity and excellent dampening capability renders this coupling indispensable for propulsion systems prone to torsional vibration.

Pneumaflex KA

Highly elastic clutches for torque of up to 304 kNm. Pneumatically switchable. The special qualities of a highly torsionally elastic and vibration dampening coupling and those of a pneumatically operated double cone friction clutch are purposefully combined in this PNEUMAFLEX clutch. It reliably interrupts or establishes the flow of power between the diesel engine and the other driving components.

Pneumastar KU

Torsionally stiff clutches for torques of up to 1400 kNm. Pneumatically switchable. For stiff, but switchable connections. The PNEUMASTAR clutch is a torsionally stiff double-cone friction clutch. The clutching components consist of two inner and two outer friction cones of which the inner ones are pneumatically pressed against the outer tapered friction faces via a clutching cylinder operated pneumatically. Rubber sleeve springs form the torsionally stiff portion of the clutch.

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