Wind Energy

We are the ideal partner for the design, development, construction and testing of customized hydraulic and pneumatic systems, providing solutions with low environmental impact.

Hydraulic Power Unit for Wind turbine Jacking System


Hydraulic lifting system that allows to lower the wind turbine in the absence of wind, or for maintenance activities.This pilot project, implemented in collaboration with the University of Palermo, was born with the aim to reduce the environmental impact in areas subjected to landscape restrictions.

Hydraulic system

  • Tank: 300 Lt
  • Electric motor: 15 kw
  • Gear pump external 30 It
  • No. 2 cylinders lifting bore 100
  • No. 4 cylinder locking bore 25
  • Control Manifold with Bosch Rexroth™ valves
  • Mass: 20.000 kg
  • Lifting speed: 20 mm
  • Automation software
  • PLC complete with analog and digital I/O modules.

Hydraulic oil: Panolin HLP Synth 46

  • Capacity: 400 Lt
  • Saturated synthetic ester base
  • High quality additive package
  • Pour point -60° C
  • Excellent oxidation/ ageing stability
  • Four to five times longer in-service life compared to mineral oil based hydraulic oils
  • Environmental compatibility – when ecology meets economy
  • High biodegradability and low toxicity
  • Well-known Eco-Labels and awards